Monday, 30 June 2014

slightly crazy but excited

Some quilting friends and I have just started on a hand piecing project. We all got very excited by this book and have now started on the quilt on the cover. Crazy but so excited, the pieces are tiny but you can fussy cut the fabric. I have lots of skulls planned with some really bright splashes of colour.

I am teaching away a lot so needed something I could put in my bag to do while I am away from home. I get all the pieces sorted and then I just have to take needle and thread and stitch them together while I am away or at the airport. I use this amazing temporary fabric glue to stick the fabric to the card pieces, no more tacking, amazing. Takes me longer to decide what fabric to use then it will to stitch it all together. 4 of us are doing it so it will be interesting to see how different our quilts look when they are finished, in about 20 years!!!!

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