Wednesday 29 February 2012

Busy Weekend

So much for doing new posts every few days! I must try harder! Well here I am now.

The class I taught on Saturday, Designing the Dot, went really well. Lots of fun drawing dots with pastels and pencils. Then down to stitching. The class is designed to help people start on the designing process, using the simple shape of the Dot makes that easier. These images are some of my samples to help inspire the class.

Then on Sunday we had Colour Quarterly, held at All Things Patchwork. That was a wonderful morning. The challenge fabric produced so many different things it made for a very interesting show and tell. We all now have our next challenge fabric and 3 months to think of something else. It must be good for our brain!

My exhibition has now closed, I sold 2 pieces which I think is pretty good at a time when money is so tight. I have had lots of nice comments about the work which makes it all worth while. My daughter is very happy that one of the quilts didn't sell as she wants it on her bed.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

finished just in time

My Colour Quarterly challenge is finished, just in time as the meeting is on Sunday!

Mega Pixel, detail

Mega Pixel

I have just got a book from the library about writing books, so who knows, this might be the year of the book as well as the year of the blog!

I am teaching a creative class this weekend called Design the Dot, lots of playing with colour and pattern in the morning and stitching in the afternoon. Great fun to teach.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Every year, on Valentines Day, I stitch or draw a heart for my husband. I have done this since we started seeing each other so now he has quite a few.

I think Valentines Day is about love of everything in Life so today is going to be a fantastic day.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

Back in the studio

The studio has started to look busy with lots of new samples being made for the new year of classes. I am slowly working down the list, much faster now school is back!

I am teaching a more advanced embroidery class this year for my beginners so I am working on a new sample. This will be a class of how to design a piece from nothing and then stitch it. I am looking forward to taking my ladies another step forward.

I will finish this today and then it will be down at All Things Patchwork for all to see.

Thursday 2 February 2012

Colour Challenge mark 2

Here is my colour quarterly challenge so far.

After trying to match the pattern on all 4sides of a square and keep the squares straight I decided not to do that and just cut the squares and stitch them together.
I am now going to embroider a face over the squares, I will keep you posted on progress, not sure it will be done by the next meeting but there is no pressure which is great.

School is back today so I have 2 excited children all ready to go and my studio is calling me for some peaceful stitching!

The Exhibition opening was great. Minerva had done a fantastic job of hanging the work and lots of people I had taught came to the opening which was great.
Its lovely to see people enjoying the work, makes me feel I am on the right track.