Monday 30 March 2015

Tree has run out of space

My sketch tree has almost filled the space I had left for it. A couple my days and I will have to stop. Lots of interesting flowers and leaves, it has been fun, next time I plan a 100 day sketch I will need a bigger piece of paper!

A weekend visitor to my kitchen, I love snails. This one was only about 1cm long and just perfect.

Thursday 26 March 2015

just cool stuff

I have just looked at the date of the last time I put anything onto this blog and thought I had better do something about that. Kit has started a new job and is getting up earlier so that means I am up earlier and this is the view from our deck the other morning, amazing.


I have been given a bag of old Bias Binding to use for my Dress a Girl dresses. I was using some last night and finished the whole lot. This is the card that it was wrapped around. Why is it that in the past everything was designed, even the piece of card that the bias binding was wrapped around! The words on this card are embossed so white on white but you can still see the words because of shadow. It has sown a seed in my design brain, watch this space for some padded white work.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Lots going on

I seem to be really busy with things I can't show on the blog, projects for the book, pieces for exhibitions all of which can't be seen. So I thought I would post about random other stuff that goes on when I get a chance.
I got 1st prize for my grapes at the Helensville A & P show, I was very excited by that.

All Things Patchwork got in this really cool fabric covered with men and trucks, I decided to cut out the men, who is interested in red trucks! and I am going to embroidery tattoos on them. For no other reason but to make people smile.

My tree has almost filled a page in my sketch book and has started on the next page.