Thursday 29 May 2014

Kite surfers

I am really pleased with my kite surfers so I will enter it into the local art show later in the year, but I decided I could share a detail with you and the whole piece will still be fresh for the show.

Today I finished my Artist Trading Card ready for the embroidery conference in July. ANZEG which is the embroiderers national body in New Zealand is 40 years old this year so the cards had to celebrate 40 years of stitching. If you are in New Zealand and are going to conference you still have time to do yours!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

New piece started

This piece is will be mostly stitched using Or Nue, which is a goldwork technique where you couch a metal thread down using colours to create a picture. With this piece I am using padded areas, satin stitch and different types of metal to create a scene of kite surfers. If it works out OK I will enter it into a local art exhibition so I will not be able to post the finished piece until that exhibition opens which is nearer the end of the year. Lots of exhibitions are saying now that the work has to be unseen both in real life or on the internet which I think is great, that way all the work is fresh.

Monday 19 May 2014

Play quilt finished

I finished off the binding of my 15 mins. of play quilt last night. I joined 3 different fabrics together to make the binding and it looks great. This quilt is just about 1m square and it was totally made from fabric from my leftover bag, even the batting is 2 pieces joined together. Great when you are just playing that you haven't spent any money.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Quilting dots

I have started to quilt my 15 minutes if play quilt. I love the spots on the background fabric so decided to make them a feature and quilt around them. would have been faster the quilt in a straight line but I think it looks great.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Amazing Dr. Martens

After so long lusting after these boots they are now in my house, I love them. Thought I would wear them on  the walking school bus on Monday! They will be perfect when I teach Goldwork, might even stitch a pair of gold Dr. Martens.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Prize winning piece

Last year I made this piece for a competition run by Auckland Council. It was to illustrate what made up a thriving community. This is a walking school bus. I was called today to tell me I had won the runner up prize and that this piece would be used to illustrate the report on Thriving communities when it is printed. The lady I spoke to told me the other entries were painting or drawing so that one up for stitch! I have won $300 which will buy me my gold Dr. Martens! Just what every embroiderer needs!

Thursday 1 May 2014

This is why I live in NZ

Nothing about stitching today but all about what makes me tick!
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day during the school holidays and we decided to go and build a sandcastle. 20 mins from where I live is this wonderful beach, and because this is New Zealand there were hardly any people on it! One of the many reasons why I live here!

Looking one way

Looking the other way

Almost finished Sandcastle
Back to proper work today, sorting class notes etc. as I am teaching for the weekend in Ashburton, which is in the south island. One day silk shading and one day blackwork, I love starting people off on techniques that could lead on to many years of fun.