Tuesday 29 May 2012

new sample

Yesterday I decided I needed a new sample for my Ugly Duckling class. This class is where we take a fabric that has areas of plain, and mostly only 2 or 3 colours. Then we use all the stitches from the Embroidery 101 class to decorate the fabric. It is such fun and the main problem is knowing when to stop.

Wednesday 23 May 2012

colours of nature

Can you believe these are real. The bush is called a Lilly Pilly I think, the tag has fallen off!! but look at the colour of those berries.
The bush is in front of a small purple caravan that Kit uses as an office so the bright pink looks fantastic with the purple. We had no idea the bush was going to have berries this colour on it.

The flowers are pretty neat too, and the pattern the bush makes on the caravan in the morning sun.

All that makes it worth while cutting the lawns!

Wednesday 16 May 2012

My work on a website

At last I have got round to having my work on a Website. My husband Kit has a small online shop selling stuff for the home. Cushions, chairs etc. Well he now has an Art section where we have put the work I didn't sell at the exhibition. The address is saltathome.co.nz his company is called Salt.

I make the cushions etc. too. Just fun cool stuff that we like and hope others do too!

Sunday 6 May 2012

Back agian

So much for writing this blog once a week, I really must try harder. And now blogspot have changed the look of how I write new posts so its like I am right back at the start again! learning lots of new stuff.

I had a great class yesterday teaching this doll, she is called Lizzie. I had 4 great ladies who all almost finished their dolls by the end of the day which was fantastic. The dolls looked so different all made in different fabric, a really fun class.

I have finished a piece of embroidery this week for a exhibition in July which is a great feeling to know its all done. I will post a photo of that once the exhibition opens. I can now start a piece of Blackwork for a show in the USA and then maybe a piece about the colour red for another NZ exhibition. I am trying to train myself to need less sleep!!