Sunday 6 May 2012

Back agian

So much for writing this blog once a week, I really must try harder. And now blogspot have changed the look of how I write new posts so its like I am right back at the start again! learning lots of new stuff.

I had a great class yesterday teaching this doll, she is called Lizzie. I had 4 great ladies who all almost finished their dolls by the end of the day which was fantastic. The dolls looked so different all made in different fabric, a really fun class.

I have finished a piece of embroidery this week for a exhibition in July which is a great feeling to know its all done. I will post a photo of that once the exhibition opens. I can now start a piece of Blackwork for a show in the USA and then maybe a piece about the colour red for another NZ exhibition. I am trying to train myself to need less sleep!!

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