Sunday 29 December 2013

not all stitching

The life of an embroiderer is not all stitching. I am teaching in the South Island of New Zealand in Feb for 2 weeks, 9 classes in all, most of them doing Goldwork techniques. This involves me measuring off packs of gold threads for each class. With up to 15 students in each class, that's lots of gold!

All done now so back to stitching tomorrow.

Saturday 28 December 2013

Christmas project

I found this cool book in the library, fantastic birds to make. My daughter has decided which one she wants to make so I thought I had better have a go at making one to see if I could follow the pattern.
This is the result. The patterns are really easy to follow and my little bird only took me an afternoon to complete so not too long either. He is made from left over fabric from a Tula Pink quilt I made but is still waiting to be quilted. This is the 2nd thing I have made from the left over fabric, think its time to quilt that quilt!

Thursday 19 December 2013

New quilt idea

I have been thinking about doing a pixelated face as a quilt for some time, After a few sketches that would have been about 3 m square had I made them I have come up with a design that will work, I think and not be too big. I plan to cut 2 1/2 inch squares and have them in piles and then follow the design and stitch them together in rows, just like a computer printer would print a picture.
I am guest artist at a quilt show in Warkworth in April so I will make this quilt for that show.

Friday 13 December 2013

Dress a Girl around the World

A group of us had a day sewing dresses in the school hall today. We made 29 for a charity called dress a girl around the world. The dresses get sent all over the world, wherever they are needed.
We were given all the fabric and we have so much left we are going to have a sewing day once a term. Fantastic for the children at school to see people sewing.
I will post the date of the next sewing day in case any one reading my blog is close enough to come and sew with us.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

New Faces

My computer decided it didn't like the internet for a while, so much so I had to get a computer man to fix it so I am back on track now. I have given up on the 100 numbers, I have just got a couple of jobs which are taking up both time and brain power. One for a fashion designer and one for a new priest, very different but both great jobs. I decided the number had to go, I got to 34, may go back to them after this rush of work is over.

In July next year I am teaching at the Embroiderers guild conference in New Plymouth. I am teaching a class on stitching faces. The students will all bring along a collection of faces and either stitch a series of small ones in different techniques are one large one. They have 3 days so lots should get done.