Friday 25 October 2013

Or Nue samples

I am teaching Or Nue for some South Island guilds early next year so I decided to do some new samples as my other ones were more than 10 years old. These pieces are only 4 cm square so will almost be finished in the day class. I use passing thread so it is easy to turn, and stranded cotton to stitch it down.

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Amazing garden design

These photos are of one of the gardens at Hampton Court Palace. When we were in the UK I caught up with some of my friends from the Royal School of Needlework which is based at the palace.
When I first started working there these gardens were wild, with large trees and very overgrown. We used to go and have our lunch there sometimes to hide from everyone. Just before I left to live in New Zealand they cleared the gardens and slowly found where the original paths and gardens were. They then re-planted the gardens as they were when they were first created. They look fantastic, I can't imagine how much time goes into keeping them so neat.

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Finshed Roam face

This is the finished Roman face. I really like how the spit stitch looks. I now have plans to use this historic technique to work some of my designs based on modern living. I think that could make for some interesting pieces. Pretty fast too.

Friday 18 October 2013

Roman face

When we were in the UK we were lucky enough to visit a small collection of Roman artifacts on a local farm. All the items had been found on the farm which is the site of a Roman villa.
I decided I would stitch a Roman head as a gift to the owner of this farm. After some research in my embroidery history books and some from the library I have come up with this design and started to stitch yesterday. I am not sure the Romans did much embroidery but there are a few examples of pieces using mainly split stitch, will that's what it looks like from the photo.

Monday 14 October 2013

Beach huts wall quilt

I have spent the day sewing my beach hut quilt. I think I am going to call it Beach Boys. It is only small which was the plan so I could get it sewn in a day. I have lots of teaching before Christmas that I need to do stuff for but just needed to use that cool fabric and use up the beach hut idea. I will pin it together with some batting so I can quilt in in the evenings. Sometimes its nice to do things that are just for fun, keeps the brain active so I can create new ideas.

Sunday 13 October 2013

Back from Holiday

I have been on holiday for the last 3 weeks in the UK, visiting my family and friends over there. I had a great time so now I am back full of ideas that need to be stitched.

My parents have had a beach hut for a few years but this is the first time I have been able to visit it. I have always loved beach huts, the colour, shape and the way they are all in a line I just love.

They are set back a few metres from the sea wall because in the winter the sea comes over the sea wall and would wash them away!

I found some fabric when I got back to All Things Patchwork that will be just perfect for a beach hut wall quilt. Due to the jet lag I have already drawn up the pattern and will start today.