Tuesday 29 January 2013

Needlepoint Kits

I had an interesting day yesterday deciding on the wool colours for my first set of needlepoint kits. I am going to use a New Zealand wool called Strand. The colours are fantastic. I now have to stitch the cushions to photograph for the bags. Not sure how they will go but I am having fun.

There are a few exhibitions coming up this year so I have been designing pieces for those too. Its a good job school goes back next week then I will have silent studio time!

Friday 25 January 2013

New class

I have decided to do a simple stitched lettering class this year. Lots of people have asked about how I do the lettering I use on my work so I thought it was time I taught a class. I will be teaching this label at All Things Patchwork sometime this term, I just have to finish in the sample and arrange a date with Cheryl.

Sunday 20 January 2013

A new family of snails

Just after Christmas one of our pet snails laid some eggs. Well about 2 weeks later we had about 30 baby snails in our snail house. When we went on our road trip we left them with plenty of food and water and the lid tightly on! When we returned all were safe and well and the mother snail has laid another lot of eggs, I think we may soon be over run with snails!


Saturday 19 January 2013

Amazing Weta

We have just got back from a very wet and cold road trip. We cut it short by 2 days as the tent started to let the water in.
Even though it was cold and wet we had a great time. We saw an amazing wearable art exhibition and went to Weta, the company that make props etc. for heaps of movies. What a fantastic place, my son now wants to work there, he is 7 so he has time to plan his career path!

Thursday 10 January 2013

Armageddon Skull

Well, the skull is pinned on and ready to stitch. I will tack it tonight hopefully so there will be no pins in the tent while we are away.

Sunday 6 January 2013

Tents of Armageddon

I have been wanting to do a Tents of Armageddon quilt ever since a friend of mine told me a block was called that. The perfect quilt block for someone who loves skulls!

This is the start of my latest Colour Quarterly challenge. The flowered fabric is the challenge fabric. This is the background for, I am sure you can guess, a Skull! I now have to draw the skull the correct size and applique it on. We are off on a camping road trip soon so I am hoping to get it tacked on before we go then I can do the needle-turn applique in the tent. It all seems to go together really well, Camping and quilting Tents of Armageddon.