Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lots going on

I seem to be really busy with things I can't show on the blog, projects for the book, pieces for exhibitions all of which can't be seen. So I thought I would post about random other stuff that goes on when I get a chance.
I got 1st prize for my grapes at the Helensville A & P show, I was very excited by that.

All Things Patchwork got in this really cool fabric covered with men and trucks, I decided to cut out the men, who is interested in red trucks! and I am going to embroidery tattoos on them. For no other reason but to make people smile.

My tree has almost filled a page in my sketch book and has started on the next page.


  1. Love the tree Jo.....and left speechless regarding the men!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing those tattoos - have fun,