Friday 24 May 2013

Walking School Bus

I have just done a quick entry to an art competition run by my local council. I had to produce a piece of work that showed in some way a Thriving community. The winning entries will be used in a document to encourage various ways for communities to thrive. The rules said it could be any medium so I thought it would be good for stitching to be represented. I am sure a photograph or a painting will win but you never know. I had a fun couple of days coming up with an idea.

My piece is called Walking School Bus. I walk a group of children to school each morning on a walking school bus, I pick them up from bus stops and we talk all the way to school, they have a ticket that I click each day they walk. They get a prize when they have walked for 25 days.

I am really pleased with how the quilting came out, think I might do some more of that.

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