Saturday, 25 May 2013

New watch and spider update

Yesterday I made a new strap for my watch, This watch face had a fancy beaded strap but didn't last being worn everyday. I had collected strips of selvedge from fabric I had used, not sure why, just interesting. I stitched about 4 together, stitched on the watch face and there you go. Not sure how long this one will last but I can just make another one.

Here is an update on our 'pet' spider. After she laid her eggs she disappeared. I thought she may have died but then when I was in the garden a couple of days later I found her in another tree at the other end of the garden. She is very happy there and the egg sack is still a sack, no babies as yet. It is getting cold here now so I am not sure any will hatch. The line of dark above her is the remains of her food, she is very tidy with her waste!

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