Wednesday 13 March 2013

Virtual Self

I entered this piece into a contemporary textile show in Nelson. I got through the 1st selection but was not selected for the final show. I feel a bit disappointed but still feel pretty good that I got through the 1st selection. I don't really think my work fitted into a  contemporary textile show. My subjects are often very modern but my technique is still very tradition, and that's what I love. I am still happy with this piece and will save it for another show, I have a few ideas along this theme so I may work towards a small solo show sometime. It is good for all of us to try for exhibitions outside our normal area, you never know what might happen, one of my first quilts got into a quilt show in the USA and that was amazing! It all depends on the selection panel and the total look of the exhibition, also practical things like space. It is much better to select less work and the exhibition look good.

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