Friday 29 March 2013

spiders and compost

You know when you are pregnant all you seem to see are other pregnant women but normally you hardly see anyone pregnant, well it must be the same with spiders. Since we have had our Orb Web living in then garden all I seem to see are other amazing spiders. This one is living on our deck with a whole family of babies, Isn't she amazing.

While I was outside in the garden this morning playing with my compost heaps, (I just love doing that job). I came across some fabric I had buried over a month ago. It was an old sheet that had got really thin so was no use as a sheet anymore, but look at the cool colours and patterns, so like the new spider! Because we have had so little rain over the summer it had not rotted away, just turned into really great backgrounds for embroidery! Nature is just fantastic!

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