Saturday 7 January 2012

more circles

Jan 7th 2012
I have become slightly addicted to the 'cut a round ' ruler that means you can cut perfect curves with no problems. This quilt will be my 4th circle quilt! and every one I do gives me an idea for another one.

Well it has been rainning for so many days that my studio needed a bit of summer colour
And this is the result of some circle fun, not all stitched together yet.

I will be teaching how to do quilts like this later in the year so more people can become just as addicted as I am.

All my exhibition work is sorted and ready to be posted down to Wellington, my stress level is about to rise when the exhibition date comes closer, its always a worry when you put your work out for everyone to see. I tell myself it is good for me!

Off now to finish stitching the circles.

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