Wednesday 8 July 2015

Holiday Dressmaking

I found this fantastic fabric at All Things Patchwork, it is from Alexander Henry. I knew straight away I needed to make a shirt for Kit. I have never made a shirt before but I have finished it and I am really pleased. It even has covered buttons down the front and proper plackets on the sleeves. Not sure I would win any dressmaking prizes but it looks cool. It was a Vogue pattern which are always good.
I am now thinking  I could embroidery some of the skulls to make Mexican day of the dead skulls, I made sure I got extra fabric so I have plenty of skulls to play with!


  1. Very cool shirt Jo. Kit is a lucky man that you are willing to try things.

  2. Professionally finished with French seams...Looks like a designer shirt from an exclusive shop..seen in the flesh....very cool ! :)