Sunday 12 April 2015

New Clothes

Years ago I saw an animated movie where one of the characters wore union jack jeans, they were so cool I have wanted a pair ever since. I other day when I was in Spotlight getting wool for my daughter and son for knitting projects I saw printed union jacks on a light weight  cotton drill, Perfect. I have a really good jean pattern that I use all the time so 3 flags were purchased and here is the result, after all these years my own union jack jeans.
Front view

Back view
While I was on a dressmaking roll, the new Tula Pink fabric arrived at All Things Patchwork and I had been waiting for the face fabric to put inside the pleats of this new skirt I wanted to try. The main black fabric was from Tula's last range. So as I walk Queen Elizabeth 1st can peep out from behind the pleats. Off to teach at AQC in Melbourne on Tues with some new clothes.


  1. They look great! Have a lovely trip :)

  2. Love those pants Jo. Only you could get away with wearing them - in other words I couldn't, but I think they are fabulous!

  3. Jo you looked sensational in them at aqc with your gold Doc Martens. You go girl!