Saturday, 2 August 2014

Day 23 and Day 1

Today is day 23 of the 100 day project but it is also day 1 of a new adventure for this family.
Kit my husband has dreamed of opening a shop that sells cool stuff for years well today it opened. It is called SALT.
We have rented a small, very old shop in Helensville, a small town north west of Auckland, NZ for those of you that don't know.
We are going to sell " cool stuff " . Chairs that we have re covered, cushions, pieces of art, mugs etc. Anything we think is fun. We are going to stock bags and throws made by Freeset in India, a fair-trade charity that recuses girls from the red light district. Who knows what else will appear!
 I am going to stitch in the shop Weds and Thurs and Kit will man it Saturday and maybe Sunday.

Day 23, stitched with 6 stands of stranded cotton, they almost look padded.

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  1. Wow Jo how your quilt hung up there too:)