Wednesday 26 February 2014

Back to embroidery

I am just starting a piece of embroidery for an exhibition in April. It seems a long time since I did long and short, I love it. The exhibition is to commemorate 100 years from the start of WWI. My piece is based on a quote I found from a lady in Auckland about the effort the ladies in New Zealand made to make things for the soldiers.

The quote is " Knitting guilds sprang up like mushrooms. We took socks and balaclava to church and knitted like mad all through the sermon. Two plain, two purl became hopelessly mixed up with the text, and if we did rather lose the thread of the Canon's discourse we at least got out heel turned"

Once complete I will stitch and knitting needle top and bottom with a few rows of knitting on them, the threads from the knitting will become the stitched words.

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