Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Quilted face

Not sure if you remember but a while ago I spray dyed a face onto a piece of calico, Well I have stated to quilt it now. I want to pretty much quilt the whole thing in lines that echo the lines on a face. Around the eyes, nose and mouth. I am doing it in the evening when my eyes are tired of fine embroidery or during the holidays when I have watched a few movies with my children. We don't watch TV in our house so holiday movies are a real treat but I can quilt and watch at the same time.

Not sure I would win any prizes for my quilting but I love how the fabric looks in-between the rows of stitches. I want the finished piece to look a bit like a Kantha, which is an Indian embroidery made of layers of old sari's held together with rows of running stitch.

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