Monday 29 July 2013

Spider 53 and weekend fun

I recently found a very cool book in our library about graffiti art. It got me thinking how I could get the feel of spray paint onto fabric but not make the fabric stiff because I still want to stitch into it. So over the weekend, the sun was out so I made up some dye and put it in a pressurised garden sprayer that I use to spray my grapes if they get mildew. I taped my fabric onto the drive and got spraying. My friend who lives across the road thought I was very carefully cleaning my drive until I pegged the fabric up to dry. I now have dye marks on the drive but I am certain they will wash off! The effect was great, I think I need a smaller sprayer or bigger fabric as it was quite hard to control. But I washed the pieces and they look pretty good. I think I will just quilt them like a whole cloth quilt.

Spider 53/100


  1. love the spray painting just remember not to use the sprayer now for your grapes or they might end up random colours!! you said you wanted to control it a bit more you could use a pump spray bottle (like you get for misting olive oil) I've seen ones for art/dye use for a few quid each or looking on art van go they sell a cheap air brush-just a thought xxx love the kiss quilt too.

  2. ooh also meant to say my mum had a friend that used to scrub her driveway with bleach on a regular basis- she obviously had too much time on her hands!!