Tuesday 9 April 2013

Feet just have to be stitched

On a walk on the beach over the weekend I took these footprint photos, I have no idea how I will stitch them but I thought they were great and needed to be recorded. I will print them off, put them up in the studio and let the ideas come, probably in the middle of the night when all good thoughts are sorted! The summer is slowly coming to an end so our walks on the beach will get colder, I will keep my boots on but my children will still be barefoot so there may be more footprints to add to the thoughts.


  1. could you use the outlines as quilting outlines? running all over a quilt maybe Kanthe (is that how you spell it) style??? I remember when you did those etchings(prints)of feet - all this talk of feet will have Mandy feeling quite ill!!! lots of love

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