Friday, 8 June 2012

New Jacket

I felt the need for a new jacket for when I go down the Christchurch in July. So Kit had an old suit jacket that he didn't wear anymore so I cut it in half. The bottom half I sewed to a pair of black trousers so it looks like a wrap around the top of the trousers and then I sewed fabric to the top half.
I had got some Japanese fabric, mostly indigo colours so I cut 4inch strips and joined them together then joined it to the bottom on the jacket top. I have lined it with the same fabrics.

The sewing demo at school went really well yesterday. Instead of having one class I ended up with 4 which was interesting. Some of them thought it was magic that I turned flat fabric into a pair of shorts, not sure they had ever seen anything like it before. Hopefully it will make them think about who makes the clothes they wear.

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