Thursday, 12 April 2012

latest doll

This is Annie. She is the latest addition to my pattern collection. I haven't done a new doll for a while and thought it was about time. She is pretty cool I think, I have almost finished the pattern so it should be available from the weekend at All Things Patchwork.I asked her if she wanted a boy doll to go with her but she said no thank you! 

I have decided to try and get my patterns to a wider market, so today I am posting some Info to a couple of shops in Oz that I like the look of and see how we go. I am even thinking of doing a trade show at some point, maybe next year. Got to save the money first!

I will be at the Gala day at the Waimauku shops on Saturday, I will be sitting in my exhibition so anyone is welcome to call in and say Hi and have a chat about the work. Lots of people have come to see the show which is great, I hope you have all been inspired to stitch more!

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