Friday, 30 January 2015

Stitching in Public

Sunday Feb 1st is Stitching in Public day. It started in the USA and this year New Zealand is going to take part too. Small groups of women are going to the stitching around the county and as it is the summer here lots will be outside. Its all to do with showing the public that stitching is still happening and its not just your granny that does it! well sometimes its your granny and that's OK!
A couple of friends and myself are going to be stitching is various places in Auckland city, I have designed a piece of work just for the day, so I am all ready to go. I will long and short the figure and work the words in trailing. I wonder how many people will stop and talk to us? lots I hope, I am certain the more people in the world that stitch the better the world would be!

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