Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Beautiful teaching space

While I was in Melbourne I taught in the most beautiful place I have ever taught, also the place with the most noise. We were in the Royal Exhibition Building which is amazing. The classrooms were on a gallery around the upper level of the building with the quilt show and merchants down below. I am sure you can image the noise that floated up from below and I am sure my class had times that next door could hear us. We all had lots of fun.


  1. It does look lovely....we were wondering when you were back. Lots of lovely fabrics for you to see :)

  2. Great to see that you are home safely and your photos of the gorgeous Royal Exhibition buildings. Love the yarn bombing. Thanks Jo for making my aqc experience a very fun and memorable one. Best tutor ever! Now that I am home will try and get "Jackie" finished.

  3. Fantastic venue and a wonderful class- relaxed,fascinating and great results.. My Amy is on my wall- not stitched but she still looks fabulous. Thanks Jo from Jo