Monday, 23 June 2014

Guest Artist

I have just been booked to be a guest artist at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Hamilton from Aug. 7 - 10.
I had a email a few weeks ago and thought they were talking about next year but when I spoke to them they were talking about this year!
I will be demonstrating and have a display of work, 4m x 3m so I have to plan what I am taking and what I will be stitching. I love demonstrating but you do need something that you are just stitching and all the design decisions have been made. That way you can talk and stitch at the same time.

I also have a piece of work on the embroiderers guild stand at the same show. I will show you a detail but I will not post the whole thing until the exhibition has been seen. The exhibition will all be black, white and grey. Can't wait to see how it looks.

The piece is blackwork but stitched in white on black linen instead of black thread on cream linen. As you can see it is a face, can't seem to do anything else!

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